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Meet Erika

I am totally, 150% crazy-in-love with dogs (and all animas!) and I'm chasing a dream of pet photography.  


My husband, Chris, and I were married March 14th, 2015.  Our first priority after the wedding was to find our fur baby.  We fell in love instantly when we found our Kingston, a purebred Shar Pei. Kingston was born March 21st.  We like to say he was our honeymoon peiby.  I found myself snapping thousands of photos of him.  He was so unique, with his black mask and golden fur.  I was absolutely in love with every-single-wrinkle.  I created an Instagram page for him so I could unapologetically post as many photos as I wanted.  His following increased day by day – today we are at 40,000+ followers! 


We always knew we wanted a pair and in August of 2015 we found Mishka.  She brought the love and the crazy into our life. Then came Edmond and Theodore.  I realized I needed to do something with animals.  I started preparing myself to follow a dream. I bought my first Nikon, researched hours of tips from the experts, and mastered countless classes to perfect photographs that showcase these special spirits.  In May 2016 I took the plunge to start my own business. 


I’ve always believed in supporting small businesses and growing a community.  The love and support has been overwhelming.  Please take a look around at my galleries. I hope I get the privilege of meeting you and capturing precious moments of your fur baby!



Pets are my passion.  I plan to donate hours each month in services to non-profit organizations by photographing pets searching for their forever homes.  If you know of an organization that could use my services, please contact me using the contact link on this site, or email me at

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